car 12 volt red LED tail light fog light  reverse and silvertech  bulbs

CAR BULBS 12 volt

Not all car bulbs are the same.. We have tried and tested many bulbs. The bulbs on this page are truly the best car bulbs we have found.

Amber indicator bulb

red stop/ tail and fog bulbs silvertech indicator amber bulb led car  360 degree power bulb

Amber indicator bulbs for clear indicators are common bulbs now. All coloured bulbs fade in time, but we have tested many and found these to be the best amber bulbs available. You may find cheaper amber bulbs, but in the long run these will save you money as they will last twice as long as the cheaper amber bulbs. But why not go SILVERTECH?

Our price: 2.00 a pair





OSRAM H7 55 Watt

Genuine Osram, German made H7 bulbs.


6.99 a pair inc postage (UK)



BU382R = Single element

BU380R = Twin element

The same thing applies to red bulbs as to amber bulbs. We have tested many coloured bulbs and found these to be the best red bulbs you can buy.

Red bulbs for..

  • tail (sidelight)
  • stop and tail
  • fog or stop

Our price 2.50 a pair


  HIGH POWERED H4 Halogen car headlight bulb

Introducing NEW Halogen power headlight bulbs.

Available in H1, H3, H4 and H7 these super bulbs give out more light than conventional bulbs, that's 50% brighter, they look cool with their silver ends and blue bodies and the light they give is white, white  not yellow. and not blue strangely enough.

10.95 a pair inc vat



Silvertech bulbs are superb!

look chrome... flash amber!

Not only do these SILVERTECH out last the standard amber bulbs, but they eliminate the 'fried egg' look. This is when you have clear lights with amber bulbs... you see the amber bulbs through the clear lense.. not with Silvertec bulbs.. you just can't see them until they flash. SUPERB!

These are amber glass not painted glass, they will always flash amber.. never fade to white!

For your indicators.

Price: straight pin 14 a pair

offset pin 16 a pair



There are LED bulbs, then there are LED power bulbs!

Not cheap, but you get what you pay for. These led bulbs are better than any other led bulbs on the market because they shine out an intense light at 360 degrees.  Cheaper versions only shine in one direction, out of the lens. With these LED power bulbs not only do they shine out from the lens but they reflect off the back of the lens like bulbs should do. This gives you a complete glow from your lights.

The big advantage.. they outlast any other bulb, you may never have to change a bulb again!

Available in...

  • stop and tail
  • stop or fog

Price 19 a pair

You may find them cheaper, but we guarantee they will not be as bright as these Power bulbs and some others may not physically fit in your lights.  These will!


SIDE LIGHT BULBS and repeater bulbs
blue power bulb side light red side light bulb
Silvertec side light bulbs
501 Capless White, yes white! Halogen side light bulbs.

The point behind these is that they are brighter than your standard sidelight bulbs and they are white... not blue.. and not yellow! Bright white!

At 3.99 a pair!

LED side light bulbs

Never change a side light bulb again,  These LED sidelight bulbs are bright white and may outlast your car.

Price: 4.25 a pair

Red side light bulbs.  These are for clear rear lights that take these little 245 bulbs.

Like Honda CRX rear lights, it's mainly Japanese cars that use these bulbs.

Price 1.50 a pair

SILVERTEC side repeater, indicator bulbs. These are a must if you have clear side repeaters on your car.  Standard Amber bulbs in clear side repeaters... NO NO NO!

You need SILVERTECH bulbs.

Price 14 a pair